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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Should Illegal Immigrants Have Employment Opportunities? Yes, Illegal Immigrants should have employment opportunities because they take the jobs we don't want, andthey can get payed less. A lot of illegal immigrants take the jobs we don't want. A lot of the jobs they take are very important like food preparation, cleaning, and construction. Did you Know that an estimated 8 million people take jobs a year in america, a giant fraction of that is illegal immigrants. One of the most took jobs by illegal immigrantsis food preparation. Illegal Immigrants can really help help us with the jobs they are willing to take. Reasoning Thesis Another reason is that they can get payed less. A lot of illegal immigrants are willing to get payed a lower salary because they just want to get a little bit of money for their family. They don't get payed nearly as much as an average american. Some of them pay taxes and they still get a low pay. I don't think its fair so lets let them get jobs and they can get a good pay, a lot of them work the hardest. Counter Argument A lot of people think because they are illegal they don't deserve jobs. A lot of those people are good and looking for a better life than before. Most work a lot harder than we do. Call To Action We should allow illegal immigrants to have employment opportunities. Mow lets all make a change and and try to make a change by letting illegal immigrants have employment opportunities. Grace Bero Per 1-2
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