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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 If I StayGayle Foreman Mia Plot Line What kind of music was Mia and her family listening to when they wrecked? QuietKeeps to herselfLove's her family Her job is todecide if shewants tostay or not. Age 17FemaleLong Brown HairGreen eyes Her main conflict is to decide ifshe wants tolive or not. The theme of If I Stay is Can Love last through anything, no matter the circumstances. I have come to this conclusion because Mia is having to make the choice to die with her family or to wake up to be with her boyfriend and other family. She wonders if she canlive without her parents and brother and still be happy. Hip Hop Jazz Classical Country Mia and her familyour on their wayto their grandparentshouse and get in a car accident. Her parents die on scene, her little brother Teddy dies in the emergency room. Mia is in a coma,but she knows whatsgoing on around her.She figures out sheis the one that getsto decide her future. Mia get visits from herfamily in the ICU. Shethinks she made upher mind that shewants to die. Mia changes her mindwhen her boyfriend Adamcomes in to talk to her. Shesqueezes his hand while shes in the coma andwakes up. I give If I Stay, Five stars becauseits a great book and hard to put down. Its a perfect love storywith tragedy that makes yourealize how strong love is. * * * * * double click to change this header text! Jordan Gillenwater
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