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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 IDENTICAL TWINS 25% of identical twins develop directly facing each other, therefore they become reflections of one another 25% 2 Girls 25% 2 Boys 50% 1 Boy/1 Girl 1). According to Research from the Institute ofGeneral Linguisticsover 40% of twins create their own language between them2). No gene is linked to identical twins. Identical twins occurwhen one egg splits inhalf, which isn't hereditary.3). Women expectingtwins are more likely to have preeclampsia,gestational diabetes, and premature birth.4). 15% of parents were told their twins were fraternal when they're really identical. 0 100 200 300 400 1989 2009 Number of twins born out of 10,000 births Years Years vs. Number of twins born 1). Twins interact witheach other in the womb.At 14 weeks of gestation, twins were seen reachingfor one another.2). Over half of Identicaltwins are born with low birth rates which increases the chance of having long-term health issues.3). Identical twins share their DNA, but don't have identical DNA. 4). The chances of having identical twins are one in two hundred and fifty births. Chances of having different types of twins Sources: e-5 Scientists believe eatingmore dairy product canincrease women's chances of having identical twins .
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