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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ida Mae's Journey DOG Ida Mae was born in Mississippi in the year of 1912. October 15th 1929 Ida married George Gladney at the age of 16.Her mother was not happy, George was much older.She also worked in a field with her husband. She later had 2 children named Velma andElma. Velma later died because she had eaten somethingpoisonous. The situation was tragic. Ida learned that she was pregnant with their 3rd child before leaving Mississippi to go north to Milawakeeto live with her sisterIda didn't want to risk her husband leaving her behind so she kept it a secretShe later gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Elanor.Ida Mae and her husband decided to move to Chicago,George had a better job opportunity. Ida was a stay athome mom for a while. she later started looking for a job. she experienced two she didn't likeshe finally got her big break. she worked at a hospital sterilizing instruments and became a nurse aide. Ida may witness Martin Luther King Jr. speak. she had4 grandchildren.she got over her fear of hospitals and had a hysterectomy. she later lost her husband George to his third heart attack. At the age of 83,Ida continued to live her life in Chicago. sheattended church all the time. she also interacted very well with her grandchildren. Ida went to Mississippi after 60 years to pick cotton, and to catch up with Isabel Wilkerson.In September 2004 Ida died of leukemia. Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets Nerds and Geeks typically getplaced as the same types of people. However there are many differences between the two. The beginning Ida's teen life Ida's young adulthood Middle Age Years Senior year highlights Ida's last days Ida was a tomboy also a daddy's girl.She later lost her father due to major illness. She went to a schoolwhere they were lashed for everything they did wrong. She once almost beatento death by a boy who went to her school. EARLY CHILDHOOD Ida and her family had been in Chicago for quite sometime. Ida witnessedChicago riots. After renting for so long Ida and Georgedecided that they wanted tobuy their own house so that she, George and their children could all live together.she was now a grandmother at this time. she was still a Nurse
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