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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Irrigation The glacier water used to supply water to grass for livestock, a life source of the people, have become inconsistent and are diminishing. Energy People of the Altiplano use hydroelectricity as their main source of power, but with their water supply coming primarily from melted glacier, this must be compromised. Due to warmer temperatures, the needed water flowing from the glaciers has become undrinkable and yellow, sickening both humans and livestock. Water Disappearance Scientists doubt there will be any Andean glaciers left in 30 years, already having lost 40% of their mass from 1975-2006. This is a drastic issue, for millions of Altiplano people rely on their water flow to support their societies. Elizabeth Acevedo The Effects of Climate Change on Altiplano Glaciers What Can You Do? Poacoae, asteraceae, jarava ichu, fistula polichophyla, azorella compacta Vicuña, llama, guanaco, alpaca, flamingo Junin grebe, small eared bat, titicaca frog, Andean cat,, vultures Food Web Become aware! Read all about the issue and tell your friends. Lower your carbon footprint and start biking. Donate to foundations such as Higher temperatures melting white glacial mass lowers the Altiplano's albedo, reflecting less solar energy to the atmosphere. Albedo Lakes A warmer, dryer climate will cause lakes in the altiplano, which each play key roles in the ecosystem, to dry up.
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