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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Movie I Movie II Movie III How much each movie made, and cost to make 1.Phantom Menace- Made $924 million dollars world wideand it cost $115 million dollars to make I How much each Star Wars made, and how much it cost to make 2.Revenge of the sith- made $849 million dollars world wide It cost $113 million dollars to make III 3.A new hope- made $775 million world wideIt cost $11 million dollars to make IV Movie V Movie VI 4.Attack of the clones-made $649 million world wideIt cost $120 million dollars to make II 5.The Empire strikes back-made $538 million world wideIt cost $18-33 million dollars V 6.Return of the jedi- made $475 million dollars worldwideIt cost $42.7 million dollars to make Did you know that George Lucasmade the 4th movie before any other movie? Star Wars Facts This Infographic is about the amazing sci-fi series of Star Wars but, this is not about its creatures or its story. This is about its development and finances, if you want to journey to the galaxy far far away you must read on. A New HopeMay 25th,1977IV The Empire Strikes BackMay 17th 1980V Deeper into the galaxy Return of the JediMay 25th 1983VI Phantom MenaceMay 19th 1999I Attack of the clonesMay 16th 2002II Revenge of the SithMay 15th 2005III After American Graffiti one of George's previous movies the united artist asked if he had any ideas and he said " He was thinking of an adventure in space". The Head of 20th Century Fox loved American Graffiti and asked George what he wanted to do next and George said " Im trying to get this space thing off the ground".The head of 20th Century fox said he would fund the screen play, so George got to write the screen play.George Lucas had made a deal with a studio to make Star WarsHe had written a very long script and he needed to convince the studio to make a six hour movie.Eventually George came to his senses and knew that wouldn't work so he had to cut it into three parts.A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi Also the producers are making another movie of the seriesthe Force Awakens coming in December 2015. Movie IV Ian Ishmael
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