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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tornadoes Tearing up Kansas Tornado of Greensburg. May 4, 2007 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Most destructive f5 tornado in the history of Kansas. * Destroyed 95% of the city. * 1 3/4 mile wide* On the ground for 26 miles. * 11 People died and 63 people injured. * $250 Million in damage was done. How has Kansas been effected? * There has been 23 tornadoes with catastrophies in Kansas since 1950* Kansas has led the US with 7 f5 tornadoes* Kansas has had 2,182 all time* 199 people have died from tornadoes in Kansas.* 2279 injuries in Kansas were caused by tornadoes* $1,220,000,000 in damage has been recorded Just what are the beastly f5 tornadoes * Wind speeds can vary from 261-318 mph* Width is 3/4 mile or more* Catastrophic Damage * Houses ripped off their foundations * Automobiles fly through the air * Concrete structures get destroyed * Trees get ripped right out of the ground How do tornadoes in Kansas form? * Two air masses meet. One is warm and humid air, and the other cold and dry.* Kansas gets so many tornadoes because they meet right in the middle of cool Canadian air, and warm air from the gulf of Mexico.* Tornadoes spin due to strong convection.* Tornadoes dissipate when their circulations are interrupted due to cool, stable low-level air flowing into the tornado's location.
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