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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 I Am LeBron James Anthony Anderson AsDru Joyce IIIDru Joyce the thirdis known for his shy demeanor and is oneof LeBrons greatestfriends on the ShootingStars. ( The team that LeBron usedto play on.) Will Smith as LeBron JamesLeBron James is an Highschool all-star. lebronis super friendly andlikes to party a lot. Lebronhad many challenges thatstarted with his gift of basketball like endorsementdeals and lots of contracts. This got to him after awhile. Queen Latifa as Gloria JamesGloria james is Lebronsmother in the book and also helped Lebron with anxiety about these endorsementdeals and other offers to getover. Based on the book by: Grace Norwhich Genre: Boigraphy Directed By: Christian Smith " I had many challenges, manystruggles. I tried not to think of those." Perserverance I was tempted to leave the team and school to go pro.But I ignored those rumors. The greatest assist is the one you never see coming. I Am LeBron James is a biography book about LeBron from day one. It goes Into his high school experience like being on the basketball team and his friends on the basketball team like Dru Joyce III. It also talks about his whole experience with his mom Gloria James. Also about his pressures and struggles with the world with their contracts and commercial offers was another thing on LeBron. It also compares how he was with his basketball 10 years ago to 10 years present. Being in the NBA ( National Basketball Association) to this day. THE END
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