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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PC Upgrades/ Server Migration ITS informationto start the year 2012-2013 CHANGES! Go to (Click on the left navigation bar for training resources) Google Apps for Education Information Technology Services is increasingthe wireless infrastructure to provide a more robust, higher capacity wireless network. This is designed to support both district and personnally-owned devices. PC upgrades/ server migration Students Google Groups Google Accounts Google Sites (Replaces cLc) Google Calendar Gmail will be turned off for staff Google Calendar Google Sites (Replaces cLc) 5GB of Google Docs/ Drive** 5GB of Google Docs/ Drive** Google Groups Staff XX= last two digits of the student id PW: same as district network password Staff may provision class groups to use in Google Apps by going to http://portal within the district EDUCafe See Appendix B of the Student and Staff Handbook for more information PHASE 1: SECONDARY CAMPUSES Login: PHASE 2: ELEMENTARY CAMPUSES Upgrading high school and middle schools with new cabling and access points over the summer. Current Infrastructure will be migrated from Novell toWindows Servers. Phase 1: High School Campuses- Summer 2012Phase 2: Administrative departments- Fall 2012Phase 3: Middle School and Elementary PCs- Spring 2012. PC's throughout the district will be upgraded to Windows 7 and MS Office 2012. Need Resources for Student Training? Online Safety Digital Citizenship BYOD Classroom Management PW: same as district network password Login: ** Drive- Docs Upgrade LISD students and staff will have a Google Appsfor Education accounts. LISD students and staff will be permitted to bringtheir own device. (BYOD) New updates to the Child Internet Protection Act(CIPA) requires all students and staff to be educated on cyberbullying awareness and appropriate online behavior. Leander ISD Acceptable Use Guidelines (AUG) have been updated. Leander ISD will be using Google Apps for Educationas the collaboration tool for teachers and students.Training is available online in the EduCafeand through the campus technologist, librarian, or district trainer throughout the year. Students should participate in appropriate online behavior and cyberbullying training prior to utilizing internet inorder to comply with new CIPA Guidelines. District and BYOD wireless devices will sign in to the new wireless network with their district username and password. COMING SOON! Waterfall of existing access points to elementary campuses to increase wirelesscapacity to begin after the completion of phase 1. wireless infrastructure *Phased in by grade level as appropriate Guidelines for Mobile Device Reasonable Use and Responsibility are now part of the Employee Handbook Gmail ** Drive- Docs Upgrade
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