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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 0 1 According to the Innovative Teaching and Learning (ITL) Research 2011 Findings and Implications HOW INNOVATIVE TEACHING AND LEARNING PRACTICES ARE CHANGING EDUCATION Education faces several critical gaps: "Between the world that young people experience outside the classroom... ...and the world within." "Between the skills that students learn in school... ...and those they will need later in life." "Between those who have access to high-quality education and tools... ...and those who do not." SCHOOLS MUST BE THE ONES TO CHANGE TO MEET THE NEEDS OF STUDENTS SO, WHAT ARE THE ELEMENTS OF ITL RESEARCH'S INNOVATIVE TEACHING PRACTICES (ITP)? Student- Centered Pedagogy Learning BeyondClassroom ICT for Learning and Teaching is a worldwide program that focuses on researching learning, teaching, and technology integration in the hopes of developing a global solution to schooling gaps and move toward the future of education. Every student Just as every teacher has their own style and manner. Student-centered pedagogy allows for so that everyone is working together towards their own learning objectives and but also an insular environment. ITL research into the classroom, and bring learninginto AND WHAT DID THEY FIND? Learning activities thatfocused on key elements of student-centered pedagogy had a direct effect on student work outcomes. Learning Activities (LA) that included tasks which required: Led to Student Work (SW) that demonstrated: Learning activities that pushed the boundaries of a traditional classroom led to student work that engaged on different levels. By creating opportunities to connect outside the classroom, teachers were able to create an 'educational ecosystem' that connected students to the outside world, and bring important life-skills into the classroom. Innovative Teaching and Learning (ITL) Research By examining the uses of ICT in the classroom, ITL was able to draw connections between the useof low-level and high-level ICT and their implications for LA and SW (LASW) inside a classroom. ITL research found that ICT access was one of the biggest hurdles classrooms have to overcome. Despite practical challenges related to ICT practices and use, the ITL Research summary found that the three elements of ITP are interrelated. A is a great place to learn 'innovative' "The term in the ITL context is intended to connote the combination of existing things in new ways to solve problems. It is the combination of these pedagogical elements with technology that we believe has real potential for innovative solutions." classroom aims to bring the outside community everyday life. All day, every day. learns differently. student choice and collaborative learning, positive results. Extension of Learning High ICT Use WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? pg. 11 Innovative Teaching and Learning Research:The Pilot Year Full Report pg. 15 By focusing on the key elements of Innovative Teaching Practices, ITL Research is creating models for bringing teaching into the 21st Century. Through the combination of Student-centered pedagogies Extending learning beyond the classroom & ICT use for teachers and students ITL Research is aiming to change the bring classrooms and teaching to the next level, on a global scale. Sources: Innovative Teaching and Learning Research 2011 Findings and Implications. (2011). 11-29. 17 March 2015. Innovative Teaching and Learning Research: The Pilot Year Full Report. (2010). 3-52. 17 March