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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The IT Infrastructure Services market is expected to grow from $143 billion to $256 billion by 2018 ,and there is a huge rise in midmarket companies which are increasingly turning to service providers to manage their IT infrastructure. £ Cloud Services 1035 A company stands to lose if a 10 user IT system fails. /Day Saved on hardware management costs with cloud efficiencies. Mobile ManagementServices AWBS deploys cloud applications after a thorough review. We optimize IT infrastructure for true business value by balancing flexibility and cost. 80% Cloud services are expected to add 763 Billion over the next 5 years in productivity to the top economics. Companies that would allow BYOD in 2014 ,Gartner predicts 90% Year on year increase in employee tablet use. 50% Companies feel allowing BYOD increases employee satisfaction. 61% AWBS provides the Mobile Data Management (MDM) solution to launch a successful and highly secure mobility program. 50% Managers feel the productivity increases with BYOD. Data AnalyticsServices Zettabytes of data exists in the digital universe. 2.7 35 Zettabytes of data generated annually by 2020. 2.2 Million terabytes of new data is created every day. With AWBS Analytics support, our customers make the right decisions every time. Reducing costs and risks while streamlining operations and increasing the returns. Improvement in marketing ROI using data driven marketing according to CMOs. 42% Service Desk - European and Global IT Support 49% Of the time in 1 year in a service desk is spent firefighting. 93% Believe they will have higher customer satisfaction with a professional service desk. AWBS provides 24x7 Helpdesk services as an effective alternative to in-house support teams with extensive technical knowledge, round-the-clock support and multi-lingual support. Service desk employees feel under high pressure. 73% Sources :
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