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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How Technology Has Impacted Our Society In the Last Five Years Phones have evolved in the past 5 years in speed, broadband coverage, and appearance. Smartphone devices were really more like PDAs with a phone built-in rather than mobile computing devices as they are today. 58% 32% of americans have e-readers 90% of American adults have a cell phone of Americans have smart phones Internet Positive and Negative Impact Three Pieces of Tecnology that have Changed Our Society Percentages of Mobile Technoloy SOURCES: - IT has reduced the risk to human life, made information and data more available, increased efficiency of communication long-distance. Many new technology innovations are causing ethical, social and economic issues;privacy of the individual,accuracy of data,appropriate use,health and safety,copyright laws Positive Negative 42% of Americans own a table computer We live in a society of social networks, with Twitter pages and Facebook, said Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Brady Quinn This graph shows many strands of ITGS; Equality of access,Globalization and Cultural Diversity E-books are Intellectual Property by the way they help education or 'creation of the mind' spread efficiently. It also shows how People and machines interact in a positive way. Many companies who didn't want to adapt to push of online business such as Blockbusters, Borders, and Tower Records all went bankrupt because they were set in the ancient way of sales.
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