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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Surveilance The majority of websites have some sort of login for your privacyand security. As privacy and security becomes even more important,the number of websites that have logins will surely increase.For example, 100% of all banks have a login for online banking Traffic cameras were around in several other countries such as ,Australia,Canada, andthe U.K. ,before they appeared in the U.S. around the year 2000.When first introduced a little less than 50% of states in the U.S. used them. This number continues to dwindle because of the controversy their use promotes. Intellectual property is everywhere. Almost 100% of the time if you look up a topic you can find someones work on it.The amount of works on the internet also increases each day by about 140,000. The U.S.A. IT developing rate increases by approximately 50% each year. This compared to Africa, which has around a 6% increase every year, is a substantial difference in IT development. The first antivirus software created was only intended to keep virus's from replicating. Today most anti virus softwares are able to detect and destroy virus's almost 100% of the time. The first cell phone invented had a battery life of 20 minutes. Today phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 can last for 10 days, making it 720% more reliable. Reliability and Integrity Security Privacy and Anonymity Intellectual Property Authenticity The Digital Divide and Equality of Access Cultural Diversity Globalization and The amount of internet laws have increased by about 100% in the last ten years. The biggest contributor to this increase is because of cyber bullying. The midwestcan be very coldin the winter withannual snowfallreaching 10' Almost 100% of websites that contain information about people have privacy options compared to 10 years agowhen most information was made public. There were only 361 million Internet users in 2000, in the entire world. In 2010, there was more than five times as many Internet users than there was in 2000. And lastly,2014 has more than ten times as many internet users than that of 2000. Policies Standards and Protocols In the past ten years technology's compatibility has increased. Today, practically 100% of alltechnology is made to be compatible with different systems and external devices. People and Machines Practically 100% of all jobs use some sort of machine in order tomake things easier. An example of this would be in the increase of robot-assisted surgery. Digital Citizenship Studies show that most of the time on the internet, about 70-80%, is used being a good digital citizenship. However the other 20-30% of the time is not. The most common reason would be when people violate copyright. Citations:
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