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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Failing Aiding vs Realistic expectations Professional standards Good teamwork The timescale needs to be realistic to have the correct time to create the system The finished system needs to be up to a professional standard for the organisation to use it, for example if the product needed was a website then it needs to look high quality. If jobs are separated out evenly then there is more chance of meeting the deadline. Also, there will be more of an input by each member, therefore there will be a vary of skills. Management and end user involvement The manager should have as muchinvolvement as possible to ensure thatthe project runs though correctly for it'sentirety. The end user should be includedbecause that is who will be using the endsystem. Inadequate Analysis Without proper analysis then the projectcannot include all client requirements andmay not include all things requested byclient themselves. Unrealistic Project plan Without a realistic plan, there may not beenough time to complete each task to ahigh standard that is required by the client Insufficient project monitoring Without sufficient management the projectwill not have a focus on the project andwork may feel more rushed or to a lack ofstandards that are required. Lack of Standards Can lead to missing deadlines and cancause the system to not work as originallyintended for, for example there may beparts required that are to a low standard that would not work correctly. Loss of control Can lead to missing deadlines or even notcompleting any work that is due, leadingto project cancellation or a product thatwould not be required by the client anymore. Marie Watson
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