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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Similarities Some similarities between Waknuk and homeless people are that they are kind of different from everyone else. In Waknuk a lot of people have a disability whether it is a extra toe or they are telepathic they are all different. Homeless people are very much like them. They both live a different life. Homeless people are living on the street with basically no money, they don't have a house, there parents might not know and they had just ran away. These are some ways that Waknuk and the homeless are similar. Waknuk vs. the Homeless Differences The difference between the Homeless and Waknuk is that the homeless have basically nothing. They might have a dog. They don't know where there family is and that they can't really communicate with anyone because they don't haveanyone or anything to do it with. Waknuk is completelydifferent because like David and the group cancommunicate with problem more than anyone. Since they are telepathic they can communicate with anyone else who is which expands the way they can talk to people. They also have homes and families that manly love them. Biblioagraphy Homeless 5 W's Waknuk 5 W's Homeless people are found all over theworld. There are homeless kids even under the age of 5,teenagers, adults, and families some of them have dogs but can't afford to pay for the things they need so they end up dieing There are tonsof people without homes they end up living on the streetsunder houses, so they can stay warm and because there is no where else for them to go. In Toronto, Canada in thedowntown area there are a lot of people on the streets who live there. You can see the homeless on the streets everydayunless they go to a shelter for a night for the homeless People are homeless because there parents kick them out because they don't want them. Also, because they want to leave and/or they are poor and have nothing and there only choice is to live on the street. There is a group in Waknukwith a telipathic ability. It isa group of 8 but there are only 7 because he died. they have an ability to reach people and hear them with there minds. Also, Petra can reach them the furthest with her mind. The group lives in Waknuk itis a interesting place to be. Being quite a normal society, but the further you go away from it, the worse the settingbecomes. Waknuk is mostly farm land, with forests and a mountain nearby. They would communicateeveryday with each other they wanted to all met eachother and they all did when they heard Petra in troubleand all saw who was who. They were born with a problem and when they get checked to see if they are clear and don't have a problem like a disability or something. They werent checked right.
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