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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Waknuk Society vs The Homeless double click to change this header text! The Fringes is not only real in the novel, the Chrysalids- but even today, people are judged and classified as different. The way mutations and deviations are treated is somewhat similar to the way the people living on the streets are treated. As if they aren't human. Below- the Waknuk Society is compared to the life of the homeless. Similarities Differences - In Waknuk- deviationsare looked down on becausethey are different, potientiallydangerous. The homeless arelooked down upon for the samereason. - Like how the Wender familyran away toflee to the Fringes The Group leaves Waknuk- many Homelesspeople are forced to leave home too.- Resources are rarely given to thehomeless, same with the people ofthe Fringes to gather what theyneed. (pg 20) Though not in Canada,developing countries' refuse to give thehomeless what they need to survive.-There are no easy ways to get out of being a deviation, just like there aren'tmany options for the homeless. Life isn'teasy for the two groups, and I'm sure theyknow that. - Though it is immoraland unkind, deviations in Waknuk aresterilized. This eliminates themfrom being able to carryoff the mutated gene. ( "'It must be a wonderfulthing to have,' She said,half wistfully." Sophie hintsthe fact she cannot carry children. pg 167)- The penalty for many deviations and blas-phemies is death. (This also goes for motherswho have given birth to 3 deviated children,an example being Harriet's sentence pg 75.)As of now, in the 21st Century, that would never happen. The Homeless are not sen-tenced to death- but CAN get in trouble withthe government, for whatever reason.-The Group doesn't believe they are trulydeviations in the beginning, and they wantto consider themselves norms to. A home-less person knows they are different, theyknow what they are- since the moment theybecame homeless. -In Waknuk, after the Wenders leave, Josephimmediately sends people out to bring them back. They were wanted, mainly because theyneeded to sterilize Sophie. (pg 49-51) In ourtime, this would never happen unless you weredangerous, or broke a/more than one law. I'm sure that after reading this you can definitely see how our world is so similar to Waknuk. Both are monstrous, cruel places. It becomes almost painfully obvious how awful the human race can be. In both Worlds. Lynday McCulloch
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