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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Module 1: 26 - 29 June, 2015 Module 2: 12 - 15 November, 2015 Module 3: 9 -12 June, 2016 Amnesty International, London EC2A 3EA when where contact Raja Selvam, PhD Senior trainer in Peter Levines Somatic Experiencing professional trauma training programs. Participants can take the Module 1, and then decidewhether to commit to the two remaining modules. Regardless of the specific psychotherapy approach we use in our practice, we can help our clients better with their cognitive, emotional, behavioral, relational, as well as somatic and spiritual difficulties, if we know more of the following: Founder of ISP Integral Somatic Psychotherapy Training (ISP) the three layers of the individual gross body, the five layers of the individual subtle body, the dynamic collective gross and subtle bodies, and the absolute collective body of pure awareness interact with each other to generate all of our experiences; the individual gross and subtle bodies can get dysregulated from difficult experiences and become disconnected from each other and from the three collective bodies to become symptomatic in many ways to make the individual gross and subtle bodies more available, regulated, balanced, and in better elationship with each other and with the three collective bodies while we work with our clients psychologically. Integral Somatic Psychotherapy (ISP) How How How Integral Somatic Psychotherapy considers every approach to psychotherapy as inherentlyvaluable and tries to bring them all together in a unifying framework built on Eastern and Westernmodels of the psyche. ISP offers experienced clinicians in diverse therapeutic modalities the possibility of increasing treatment efficiency through a greater embodiment of different levels of the psyche.
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