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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How Deviants in Waknuk and People who stutter are discriminated Waknuk Similarities Stuttering The person who started the town was Elias Strorm. Waknuk was created because the town where Elias grew up was not religious. Waknuk is an orderly, Law abiding god respecting community. On page 18 it says THE ONLY IMAGE OF GOD IS MAN. The definition of of man is That each arm should be jointed in two places and end in one hand : That heach and should have four fingers and one thumb. Same thing for women but should have a higher pitch voice than man : She should grow no beard She should have two breasts Deviants in Waknuk are discriminated because they think that god says in the bible that the only image of god is man. And that they burn all offenses and throw out all blasphemies to the fringes. Both Deviants in Waknuk and those who stutter can be social outcastsBoth deviants in waknuk and those who stutter can be social outcasts. Sometimes people who stutter can be bullied or not included in a game or at recess. Those deviants in Waknuk are social outcasts because they get discriminated from the town and get kicked out. They're both similar because they both dont get included. Both deviants in Waknuk and those who stutter can be negatively labelled.In Waknuk they call deviants creatures meanwhile they are actually humans. People who stutter are negatively labelled because of the way they talk. They both are discriminated in society because of the way they look and or talk. For example a deviantMight have an extra limb or look different. Or a girl might have a low pitched voice while a guy could have a really high pitchedvoice Both deviants in Waknuk and those who stutter are misunderstood.In Waknuk the deviants are discriminated because of the they look. People who stutter are misunderstood because of how they talk. They both are misunderstood because of the way they look or mumble while they talk. What is stuttering? Stuttering is a communication disorder involving disruptions or disfluencies. Stuttering affects the fluency of speech. It begins during childhood and in some cases it can last throughout life. The disorder is characterized by disruptions in the production of speech sounds. For instance some words are repeated and others can be preceded by um or uh How the group I chose is discriminated againstSome ways people who stutter get discriminated is getting teased and during job interviews. Below are some examples of people who stutter getting teasedKids always mimic me and laugh at me when I stutter (Michael Age 11) Criss made fun of me because when i talk i sound like a robot. That is what he called me. This is how I sound -- m-m-m-my d-d-d-d-dog h-h-had p-p-p-puppies t-t-this w-w-week. (Hannah, 8) H-h-h-hello By, Jacob
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