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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Internet Solutions Client Satisfaction Powered by inQuba Assessment 1 (Apr/May 2014) inQuba recently performed a Service Managed Account Review for Internet Solutions in order to identify what key themes need to be rectified to improve client satisfaction and strengthen relationships. A second assessment has been completed to access key experiences to measure the strength of relationships and drive CX improvements. Population: 380Response Rate: 37.6% The change in client perception between assessments per experience area Population: 1140Response Rate: 10.35% OVERALL FOCUS AREAS Considering the survey responses and an analysis of the free text comments, the key drivers to improve CX are: RESULTS Assessment 2 (Nov/Dec 2014) The CSAT has increased by 1% to 71% The NPS has decreased 14.41 points to -47.11 Client Responses Focus Areas "Focus on improving engagement with your client and building the relationship"(Dimension Data (Pty) Ltd) "IS needs to understand the importance of their services within my organisation" (Real People)"Response time is key, as we work in an extremely critical environment, every second of downtimecosts money'' (Itron Metering Solutions South Africa (Pty) Ltd) ''The engineers are good, they know what they do but it looks like they are overloaded so resourcesare limited, especially with provisioning work"(AT&T South Africa (Pty) Ltd) ''There has been a concerted effort to improve billing accuracy over the past year and there has been noticeable improvement"(Mondelez South Africa (Pty) Ltd) Quality of Communication Addressing Issues and Concerns Proactive in Responding to Requests Understanding the Client's Environment
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