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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How Disney Animates Our World How Disney Animates Our World Types Of Characters How Disney Animates Our World The Hero The hero is the protagonist of the story, who almost always leaves home whether they want to or not, so they can defeat the villain. The Villain The villain is the antagonist of the story. They are constantly plotting against the main character and trying to stop them from reaching their goal. The Companion When the hero needs help or moral support, the companion is always there for them. The Mentor The mentor is the teacher who seems crazy but is actually very wise. They are based on the elders from a long time ago, who were storytellers and well respected in communities. The parents of the hero impact his or her life greatly. Most Disney heroes do not have both parents. This is to show them developing into adults and becoming independent. The Parents The Fool The fool is the sidekick that doesn't affect the plot much, but adds humor to make the story more enjoyable. The Chorus The people of the chorus are the community members who comment throughout and are often part of many songs. Infographic By Kavita Parikh Photo Credit:FlickrCopyright Free Google Search Information from: Disney's Animation Magic: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at How an Animated Film is Made by Don Hahn
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