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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 KEY FACTS AND FIGURES ON IRC'S LIVESTOCK TREATMENT CAMPAIGNS IRC Somalia: Has implemented animal treatment and vaccination campaigns across the Mudug and Nugaal regions,the treatment campaigns have targeted improving the health and condition of shoats, camels, cattle and donkeys against ecto-endo parasites, flea and tick infestation, acute injuries and illness. IRC has also vaccinated 1064 shoats against sheep and goat pox, and PPR, Peste de Petits ruminants, to Cyclone affected households in danger of dropping out of pastoralism.So far in 2014 IRC Somalia's Livestock treatmentcampaigns have reached 10,621 Pastoralist households and treated over 177,000 2014 IRC Somalia has also trained 25 community health workers in Central and North-eastern regions of Somalia Supporting field teams in information sharing, data collection and implementing animal treatment campaigns. IRC Somalia has treatedLivestock in the Cyclone affected Eyl and Dangaronyo districts of Nugaal, as well asDrought affected Hobyo andJarriban districts of Mudug Currently IRC has treated 177,000 Livestock in the Mudug and Nugaal regions of Somalia IRC 2014 treatment campaignswill eventually improve the healthof an extra 135,000 livestock in Mudug and Nugaal Before the end of the year IRC Somalia will be supporting a further 2,700 pastoralisthouseholds in Mudug and Nugaal with essential animal treatment health campaigns
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