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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Surviving Mental Illness in Relationships In the past 40 years, whole new generation of Antidepressant Drug have been developed; crisis hotline centers have been established in most every American city; suicide rate and yet today the nation's (11 victims per 100,00 inhabitant) is almost precisely what it was in 1965 In 2005, approximately 32,000 American committed suicide nearly twice the number of those killed by homicide Suicide -Difficulty talking to other people or what others are saying understanding are common problems survivors face after injury. can make relating to Communication problems other people and explaining your thoughts and feelings very difficult. These problems can lead to feeling misunderstood and isolated. -Depression can lead to Postpartum Depression STROKES decreased sex-drive -PPD makes it difficult for woman to become close to her baby -The depression also makes stay close and intimate with her partner stay away from people they care about. fearing they may behave poorly, survivors tend to Many survivors notice they are more irritable after their injuries, and withdrawn feeling inadequate , leaving spouses or significant others from their partner. and are common problems after a Survivors may not have the energy to do things they use Fatigue and low energy brain injury. to enjoy, like spending time with family. -Communication is very Depression important when helping a partner who is dealing with depression. - Miscommunication with a partner with depression can cause assumptions to be created, which can cause confusion and conflict. - Educating yourself on depression can help you understand better what your partner is going through, which will in turn help you communicate Mental Health Problems How does PTSD affect you & others - anxiety disorder - depression - eating disorder - substance abuse Physical Health Problems - pain - heart and respiratory problems - obesidy - sexual dysfunction Problems at work and relationships - difficulty maintaining relationships - miss more days at work - number of stressors it hard for a woman to Anxiety - Living with anxiety is hard enough but living with someone to deal with. someone else and having anxiety is something more and easy childhood bullying. I use to be surprised by the number of - A secondary and common cause of relationship anxiety is clients who would share stories about the was in which grade school peers (including siblings) would taunt, tease, and torture them, but now it's one of the first questions I ask when a client presents with fear of intimacy. - If your own peers, which will one day constitute the age group from which you will choose a marriage partner, tell you repeatedly that you're ugly, stupid, worthless or any other number of ruthless cruelties, doesn't it make sense that your self-esteem would plummet and you would develop a belief that says "I'm not worthy of love"?
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