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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "She must have been extraordinarilybeautiful, because the mask she wore was hideous" (40). This line showsthat the government decided that this womanwas beautiful, and did not let anyone see herreal face or make an opinion. The governmenttook control of a situation that only every individual could decide. Some may think sheis beautiful, while others may think she is horribly ugly. Individual Perspective Claim:Only people by themselves can determine what is different about someone rather than have the government decide whats different and how it is a different perspective "Eye of the Beholder" "Harrison Bergeron" "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.When we leave here, when we go to the village, try to think of that, Miss Tyler" (Line 234). This line, said by Mr. Smith shows that what you see is different to every person because any individual sees things differently, and the timeand place also affects this. "I understand, but I must confess, it's easier for me to think of her as human when her face is covered up" (Line 141). This line showsa great example of perspective. The nurse seesher as human when she cannot see her actual facebut when looking at Miss Tyler's real face she thinksthat she is not human, but a hideous creature. To thenurse, she sees the patient differently rather than someone of "their kind" would see Miss Tyler. Perspective plays a large role in what people see asdifferent or equal from others. In the story Harrison Bergeron, there is aperspective issue in whichthe handicapper general seespeople as more advantaged overothers, without giving others a chance tosee a difference, Diana Moon Glamper's perspective is different from anyone else because onlyshe decides if people are more advan-taged. This changes near the end whenHarrison makes the equality no more,but is later ended by the bulletkilling him. Her perspective changed theway people were made, and madeeveryone equal no matter what.
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