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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 According to Daoism, everything is made of two elements,yin and yang. In an ideal situation, there is a balance between these two elements. When things go wrong, it is because of an imbalance of yin and yang. The Chinese Zodiac The Yin Yang According to Chinese Mythology, the Buddha invited the animals to participate in a race, where the first 12 animals to cross a river would appear on the Chinese Zodiac in that order. In this myth, the rat was the first to cross the river by asking the ox to carry him over, and jumping off before the ox could win. Many things about the Chinese civilization were unique compared to other civilizations.For example, the Chinese had their own writing system, with complex characters that stood for whole words or ideas, that is still used today. China's government was also very special, where a emperor, who was the oldest member of the ruling family, or dynasty, ruled. Daoism, which was a religion developed by the philosopher Laozi, and Confucianism, which was based on the ideas of Confucius, had a big role in the lives of China's people. Chinese Mythology The Creation of the World According to Chinese Mythology, the world was ruled by chaos before the world was created by the giant, Pangu. When he woke and found himself in the middle of chaos, hegot angry and caused a huge explosion, which resulted in the sky and land separating.This created the world. However, Pangu, overcome with exhaustion, dies and his body becomes the remaining things in the universe. (his eyes became the sun and the moon, his blood became the rivers) The world that Pangu created was pure paradise, but the goddess, Nuwa, felt like something was missing, so she molded people out of clay.
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