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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Zambian governmentcan't afford to put everychildren in school. They also can't put them everywhere so kids some kids don't haveaccess to education. How Impact Network Is achieving Education Impact Network could decrease that numbereven more. Impact Network is aiming to get primary educationin Zambia. 58 Million children still don't have primary education in the world, This number used to be 115 million. For just $3 a month, or$36 a year, you can give a child education in Zambia. Since Zambia has a fast growing economy it was very importantto have education there. The schools are teaching how to be asuccessful farmer tomake more money. The reason why this is important is because everyone deserves aneducation. So far they have only given1,700 kids an education, butthis number is growing. The 1,700 seems small, but to thekids it is an amazing gift, they will be able to get a job,and be set up for greater things in life, This is some of things Impact Network has done, in the future it will rise anduniversal education will be achieved. Impact Network has given ~1,700Children an education, Math scores haveincreased by 75% and Reading scores by44%. Soon Universal Primary education is an extremely important goal, and Impact Network is achieving it. They are getting kids into schools, building schools, and setting the kids up for a better life. This Organization is turning the world for the better, and doing it one child at a time. Now Soon
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