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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 IMMIGRATION This shows how many immigrantsentered the U.S. from 1861 to2010. There was a major spikein immigrants in the early 2000s. IMMIGRATION ACT OF 1917 This prohibits Chinese immigration with the exception of students, teachers, andgovernment officers. 1921 Emergency Quota Act This limits the amount of immigrants pernationality. The War-Brides Act (1945) This lets spouses and foreign born children of U.S. soldiers fighting in WWII come into America. Migration and RefugeeAssistance Act of 1962 This assists foreign immigrants whohave fled their country becauseof persecution. The Refugee Act of 1980 This established a new system ofallowing immigrants into the U.S.This defines a refugee as a personthat cannot return to their home country. The 1990 Immigration Act This raised legal immigrationadmissions by 50% abovethe set level. The U.S.A. Patriot Act ( 2001) Following 9/11, this stops aliens fromentering America and increasesmonitoring of immigrants. Homeland Security Act (2002) This act created the Department ofHomeland Security. This also helpedcreate the U.S. Customs and BorderPatrol, the U.S. Immigration andCustoms Enforcement, and U.S.Citizenship and Immigration Services. Security Fence Act (2006) Immigration Act of 1917 This law starts construction on a700 mile long fence on the Mexican border. Obama's Immigration Plan This plan will remove thethreat of deportation foraround five millionimmigrants. He said hisplan was for deportingfelons, not families. Sources file:///C:/Users/jbraden/Downloads/CIR-1790Timeline%20(1).pdf
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