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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ALWAYS REMEMBER TO 1. 3. 1 DAILY CLEAN 4. DISINFECT 2. 5 SIMPLE STEPS! Fill the Oxysept® Cup to the markwith Oxysept® Disinfecting Solution. NEUTRALISE Soak lenses for a minimum of 6 hours. Rinse them with saline solution before wearing. SOAK REMOVE PROTEIN BUILD UP(1/WEEK) Add one Enzymatic Tablet and one Neutralising Tablet to the disinfecting solution. Rub and rinse with saline solution before wearing. Oxysept is a disinfecting and neutralising solution used AVOID Oxysept® Cup Add Oxysept® Neutralizing Tablet to the solution,place the lens holder into the cup immediately.Secure the lid, invert the cup 3 consecutive times to obtain a pink solution, indicating full neutralisation. for soft contact lenses only a sterile 3% hydrogen peroxide solution a specially designed lens cup, with a singlecup and a lensholder attached to the cap 5. Pink to grayish purple tablets that acts as color indicator, with buffering and tableting agents 36 Oxysept® Neutralizing Tablets Oxysept® Disinfecting Solution Gan Wan HengOi Sok ChinSiti Syahmah Zulkifli Reuse solutions Consuming tablets or solution Using Oxysept products ina heat disinfection unit Using Oxysept products with opened or damaged packaging Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and dry with lint-free towels Clean, Disinfect, Neutralise the lenses before and after each use Check the expiration date Store Oxysept products at room temperature Insert lens holder only when tablet has fully dissolved and bubbling has stopped. Repeat disinfection andneutralisation procedures if tablet does not dissolve fully Empty the contents of the cup and rinse it with saline before leaving it to dry ITEMS Ideal for sensitive eyes Enhanced comfort Proven disinfection system Clean contact lenses with a daily cleaner. Rinse with saline solution before placing into the lens holder. ULTRACARE | FORMULA PEROXIDE DISINFECTION SYSTEM Using non Oxysept products OXYSEPT
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