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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Martin Luther King Jr. martin luther king jr made kids from all races friends. we thank him for that today.some people today are called races by judging blacks and whites.martin was a great leader and someone else will follow after him one day father leader husband friend martin had a dream. he didn't like how whites were being treated higher than blacks. martin wanted equality he believed everyone should be treated equally. pictures from Google searching martin Luther king Jr. martin Luther king Jr. was born on January 15 ,1929 in Atlanta Georgia. He was assassinated. he ended up shot, killed and died on April 4 ,1968 in Memphis Tennesse born January 15, 1929in Atlanta Georgia martin was bornwith the nameMichael but thenchanged it to martin Martin's grandfatherstarted as a pastorat the ebenzer baptist church1914-1931 (17yrs) martin's father took over the church until his death in 1960 working as the co-pastor martin attended segregation schools and graduated high at age 15. martin received the B.A. reward from Morehouse college.both his father and grandfather graduated from was rewarded the 1951 enrolled in graduate studies in Boston university He completed his residence in Boston in 1953 receiving the reward in 1955. in Boston University he met Corretta Scott marrying her on her mother's lawn. martin had 4 children by Corretta. their names are Dexter Scott King, martin Luther king III,Yolanda King, and Bernice King.
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