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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 directly following GP of Indianapolis Qualifying Indy Family Foundation The Benevolent Fund of Motorsports Since 2007, we've beendedicated to aiding thosein the motorsports community who find themselves in financial need due to hardship caused by injury, illness or death.We offer financial assistanceto anyone who has ever beencredentialed in any sanctioningbody in motorsports. publicity on WTHR, WISH,RTV6, FOX59, NBCSports,IMS Radio Network & IndyStar. How we serve. Who we serve. Provide relief from medical expenses in the event of injury or illness. Assist with household and grocery bills, as well as various other financial needs. estimated attendance of 6,000 peoplein 2014, up from 3,000 at our inaugural event in 2013. Indy Family Foundation - 2015 provides financial assistance for children who have lost a parent while the parent was employed within the motorsports community. 2015 Friday, May 8th an entirely volunteer-operated 501c3 organization The Children's Fund Since 2007, we've disbursed overin financial assistance. $450,000 featured celebrity appearances,musical entertainment, locallybrewed beer garden, food trucks & many other family-friendly activities. participation from sponsors and surrounding communityput Main Street Speedway at thecenter of the action to kick off May. 2013 & 2014 Come Celebrate the kickoff to the Month of May6,000-8,000 expected attendance
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