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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 To me, library is a place where I find inner peace. Here I totally forget all the bygones and problems, Maria Polishko, an IDP library user. LIBRARIES SERVING INTERNALLY DISPLACED PERSONS October-December 2014 data At first I didnt want to participate in the elections. But later I attended a training for IDPs at the library. As a result I changed my mind and decided to vote, Yevhen Ovcharenko, an IDP library user. People affected by the conflict-related problemsin the East of Ukraine are in a dire need of social inclusion. We help them reintegrate with books and kindwords, Nataliya Musienko,a librarian. Children of the IDPs that live in the neighborhood have become our regulars.They use internet and social networks at the library to chat with their friends from all over the country. We organized a children's clothing drive at the library and lots of people are bringing us different things that we distribute among the IDP kids. We also organize reading and film sessions for them. Hot tea and cookies are always here for the kids, say librarians from Heniivka village in Kherson oblast. Thanks to a free internet at the library, the Dolzhenko family, IDPs from Luhansk oblast, reregistered for social benefits. Svitlana Dolzhenko received assistance with job hunting and got an offer to be a teacher at one of the preschools in the neighborhood while her husband found a job of a security guard in Kharkiv. Their daughter registered for high schhol final exams.
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