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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 3 Rivers BUSINESS IT SYSTEMS ICT STRATEGIC PLAN PEOPLE LEARNING COMMUNICATION &INFORMATION Sept 17 BYODin 6th Version 2 November 2013 Last updated by Julie Edwards, Mark Tait & Mark Simpson Servervirtualisation Guestwireless Stakeholderconsultation Sept 13 Sept 15 Safeguardingreview Singlenetwork Attendance, progress,attainment, behaviour,rewards, enrichment Reduce PC refresh Move tocloud storage CPD Systemsaligned Multimedia Online budgetreporting SearchGatherShareCollaborateReorganiseRepurposePresentReview Direct parentemail and textfrom MIS Tabletsfor Y9 Courses not managed by us Datadashboards CLG Student learning capacity Computer science 2 hours per subject Enquiry based learning Co-constructed learning & CPD Backward compatibilityissues 1 hour per subject Strategies to monitorand assess Staff mobiledevices Personalised actionresearch Public website Stragegy to integrateand use effectively Delivered via Frog Massive OpenOnline Course Students working off site Part time students MOOCs Pedagogy Move to Web 2.0 Online mentors Collaborative docs GCSE Pod Shared online storage Student Gmail Content tools CPD I Am Learning Chat & video chat Frog OS Major update Tablet compatible Strategy to adaptto rapid change Health &Safety Independent Learning Develophelp desk Admin systems ProductivityToolkit FacilitiesBooking Scalable storage Reduce to twonetworks MS & HS Systems acceptany device Digital Literacy Tabletsfor Y5 Staff workacross Trust IT staff ableto support allsystems Network Web tools Mobile devices PrinciplesAll elements in this strategy will undergo a cycle of:1: Priorities from the corporate plan2: Research3: Testing4: Implementation5: Evaluation Directors Finance Appraisal Tracking registration Finance systems Softwareversions HR Dataon SIMS Selfevaluation Parentdata online Payroll RisksPace of change of technologyCapacity of staffingTraining staff and studentsBudgetDifferences between schoolsSystem focus rather than outcomeEqualityBalance between using ICT and not Single sign on- Shiboleth Mobile devicesfor all ReferenceTime ManagementCommunication Skills Kerboodle
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