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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ProfessionalConduct at Large Reference: Teacher-Based Coaching A personal reflection of values, beliefs, and assumptions as a teacher leader. By:Mickaela Solway Confidentiality/Privacy "When acting as atrainer of student coaches,I will clarify confidentialitypolicies with the students." (IFC, 2008). ProfessionalConduct with Clients Conflicts of Interest Coaching and/or mentoringrequires an individual to followcertain guidelines when dealingwith teachers and students. "I will recognize and honorthe efforts and contributions ofothers and not misrepresent themas efforts of my own. I understandthat violating this standard may leave me subject to legal remedy by a third party" (IFC, 2008). Teachers are bound bythe same conduct at largeethics. They are alwaysrequired to cite someoneelse's work, teach theirstudents how to cite theirwork, and avoid plagiarism. "I will seek to avoid conflictsof interest and potential conflictsof interest and openly disclose anysuch conflicts. I will offer toremove myself when such a conflict arises." (IFC, 2008). Teachers must refrainfrom behavior that may bemisconstrued as unethical,such as tutoring their students,dating parents of students,providing help during testing,and accepting gifts. "I will be responsible forsetting clear, appropriate,and culturally sensitiveboundaries that govern anyphysical contact I may have with my clients or sponsors" (IFC, 2008). Teachers are obligatedto protect the rights of theirstudents. Students shouldfeel free to discuss anyprivate matters in their liveswithout the risk of exposure.Teachers should never divulge information about students unlessrequired by law. Code of Ethics Teachers are responsiblefor setting boundaries,guidelines, and teachingin a culturally responsiveand diverse manner. International Coach Federation (2008). Code of ethics. Retrievedfrom
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