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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PYP MYP DP Teachers are forced to use a static planner Inquiry cycle should be added to the planners but should be optional (each class is different so it should allow for flexibility) Managebac is a new platform that makes planners less static and more of a story since teachers can upload photos and work samples, etc. Backwards planning would be the ideal? 600 accompanied trips to health and government institutions Unit of Inquiry should be a story - it's not easy to categorize a unit of inquiry in a bunch of boxes. THE IB PROGRAMMES PLANNERS How are the planners different? *Very guided layout - 9 stages total*Transdisciplinary themes*Transdisciplinary skills*Central idea*Teacher notes section(very general reflective section)*Planner starts with inquiry line & summative assessment *3 main stages: Stage 1: derived from content Stage 2: content specific Stage 3: Reflective stage*Statement of inquiry*ATLs*Differentiation section *Complex and detailed layout - 3 stages with several substages in each stage*No key or related concepts - unit description*Focuses on reaching objectives*Addresses misunderstandings*Addresses connections to other areas of knowledge*Pays special attention learning process (ATLs, metacognition, pedagogical approaches)*Reflective stage is a lot more thorough Interesting points *All three programmes focus planning around inquiry*Key concepts and related concepts in PYP & MYP only*Generalizations in PYP & MYP only*ATLs in all 3 programmes (although in the PYP these are the transdisciplinary skills)*Differentiation box in MYP & DP (a lot more explicit in these two compared to PYP) What are some similarities between the 3 programmes? 'Misunderstandings' section should be in all three planners Created by: María Frías
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