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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 INFOGRAPHICSequence of Events by Olivia Stewart-- Rivera Block 5 By Malala Yousafzai ONE CHILD, ONE TEACHER, ONE BOOK,ONE PEN CAN CHANGE THE WORLD Growing up, Malalawas very competitive.She worked diligentlyto recieve high marks. She was especiallyinterested in publicspeaking... following her father's footsteps Soon, Malala got a threat issued towards her from Taliban online. A fewweeks later, some menstopped Malala's bus andasked,"Who is Malala?" An illegal radio station called"Mullah FM" became popular throughout the valley. Fazlullah, a past militant leader spoke against western styles and promoted pro-Taliban behavior A DAUGHTER IS BORN GROWING UP IN A SCHOOL THE MUFTI WHO TRIED TO CLOSE OUR SCHOOL THE VILLAGE RADIO MULLAH THE DIARY OF GUL MAKAI "We are starving for's like a precious gift.It's like a diamond" Malala Yousaf was born in Swat Valley Pakistanon July 12, 1997.Her father owned a schoolthat educated both genders Many people praised Fazullah as a sort of "Robin Hood". People burnedtheir DVD's, TV's, CD's ect. to pleasehim. Malala's father Ziauddin was shamed for teaching girls..."school you are running is infidel" The Taliban issues steadily worsen-ed. By the end of 2008, around 400 schools were bombed or shut down.Each night people were shot, and the bodies were left in the "bloody square"In 2009, BBC asked Malala to writea diary to show what life was likeunder Taliban control under the aliasname "Gul Makai"- cornflower On January 14, 2009, Ziauddin'sSchool was closed. A journalistmade a documentary of the daystarring Malala...On May 5, 2009, everyone in Swat Valley was completelyemptied so armies could 'de-talibanize Pakistan and Afghanistan Today, Malala continues to try and spread themessage of rights for education. WHO IS MALALA? I AM MALALA, AND THIS IS MY STORY CHILDREN OF RUBBISH MOUNTAIN CLEVER CLASS THE BLOODY SQUARE THE GIRL SHOT IN THE HEAD, BIRMINGHAM WHO IS MALALA? A FUNNY KIND OF PEACE LEAVING THE VALLEY THE VALLEY OF SORROWS A PRIVATE TALIBANIZATION I Am Malala I Am Malala Malala lost a lot of memoryand knowledge-- was 86%better 6 months after brain surgery. Afterwards Malala and her family were moved into their current day home in Birmingham for safety After the return to Swat in 2009, many people were M.I.A.or wronglykilled during the war- -Malala continued tomake speeches and recieve awards...Taliban returnedand a Blasphemy lawwas issued,punishable by death Malala was shot in the head three times. She was rushed to the hospital, and switchedhospitals multiple times. Oneweek after the shooting, sheawoke confused and upset.Dis-charged from January 2013 "The Taliban thinks weare not Muslims, but weare, we believe in Godmore than they do" THE TALIBAN COULD TAKE OUR BOOKS AND PENS, BUT THEY COULD NOT STOP OUR MINDS FROM THINKING. WHY PASHTUNS DON'T SAY THANK YOU Soon Fazlullah's black and white Taliban flags were taking over Pakistan. Now, TVs and CDs were burned, and people were publicly punished--flogged. Then the school bombings began Summary I Am Malala The novel, by Malala Yousafzai recounts on the story of a girlnamed Malala, who was shot by the Taliban at the age of 16, for speakingout for educational rights for all. The book talks about how when she was growing up, Taliban took over Pakistan,and Malala was faced against challengesput in front of her since she was a girl.
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