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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "The only easy day was yesterday." I AM A SEAL TEAM SIX WARRIOR by: Howard Wasdin and Stephen Templin Equipment Training . Howard was only 1 in 100 to pass Hell Week . . Many trainees get hypothermia in the cold ocean The weapons that the soldiers in the navy use areto get rid of the enemy and their gear protects themfrom bullets. The job of a sniper is not only to killbut to gather information to destroy the enemy . Many Navy Seals are also Ranger qualified and jump out of planes. . Only the elite Navy Seals are trained to be Snipers. Childhood Early Adulthood This quote is from Howard Wasdin and describes his life and how he had to work hard all the time to achieve his goals. Summary . Abusive childhood. Joined ROTC in school. Worked hard in school so he could go to college and escape his stepfather. . Goes to college . Joins the Navy and trains to be a Navy Seal. Marries high school girlfriend, has a baby. Going to War . Fights in with seal team 6 in Desert Storm. Fights with Seal team 6 in Afghanistan. Shot 3 different times in war Leaving the Seal Team 6 . War injuries are too much to stay in the Navy.. Becomes a Chiropractor to help other injured people recover. This book is the story about the life of Navy Seal Howard Wasdin. Howard has an abusive childhood but is tough and joins the navy. When he is rescued by a Navy Seal he decides he wants to become one too. Training to be a Seal is very tough and many men drop out and some even die in training. Howard becomes part of an elite Seal team 6 and goes to war in Desert Storm and Afghanistan. He is a sniper and kills many enemies. War injuries make him unable to stay in the Navy and he leaves. Howard becomes a chiropractor to help other people with their injuries.
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