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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hypoplastic Left Heart SyndromeBy: Kylie Symptoms Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome is when the left side of the heart is underdeveloped when a baby is born. It occurs more in boys then in girls usually. Anyone can get Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. How can you find out if you have it? Grayish-Blue Skin Color Cold hands or feet Poor Feeding Rapid or difficulty Breathing unusually drowsy or inactive What are the causes? There is no know cause for this disorder, sadly! But, about 10% of people with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome also have other birth defects. Current Research? Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome By: Kylie double click to change this header text! What is it? It can be diagnosed when they are doing an ultra sound when the mother is pregnant. Or a mother, could have a screening test to see if the baby has a birth defect. Doctors can test for this disorder by, just a regular physical exam, a chest x-ray, or an Electrocardiogram. It can not be prevented. Whats life like having HLHS? They can have children. People with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome have a pretty normal life after their surgeries and undergo treatments. There is still no cure, new treatment options will soon be investigated.
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