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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SUGAR SAVES! Exploring potential causes for hypoglycemia... PANCREAS DIGESTIVE SYSTEM ADRENAL GLANDS malasbsorption of nutrients involved is cortisol levels regulations and subsequent blood glucose regulation blood sugar regulation is a complicated process involving many body systems & influenced by extrinsic actions... play a part in metabolism, an overactivethyroid increases metabolism. source of insulin production, a tumor of the pancreas (an insulinoma) can leadto excessive insulin production & thus hypoglycemia description here 31% sweating,anxiety, palpitations Visual disturbances, blurred vision tingling around mouth Seizures, loss of conciousness Medication description here starvation 13% usual rare uncommon 51% 11% 70-100 mg/dL 14% THYROID & PARATHYROID GLAND Potential symptoms that might alert you to the possibility a patient it experiencing hypoglycemia: SOME SYMPTOMS OF HYPOGLYCEMIA BLOOD GLUCOSE LEVELS weak, shakey, confused, hungry, sleepy Not eating enough to maintain blood glucose STARVATION ALCOHOL OVER CONSUMPTION drinking excessive alcohol, and not eating can lead to hypoglycemia as it can impair the releasing of glucose from the liver DIABETIC MEDS PITUITARY DYSFUNCTION involved with regulation hormones, such as ACTH from the adrenal glands that effect glucose levels. taking medication for diabetes if not diabetic confusion common less common uncommon rare/severe normal mild hypoglycemia moderate severe normal blood sugar 22% 22% 22% < 70 mg/dL 35-40 mg/dL < 55 mg/dL WHY YOU GOTTA GO SO LOW?
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