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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Hygiene By Ruben 😁 5. Reasons to have good hygiene 1. Disease PreventionWash your hands often to prevent the spread of disease. Each time you use the restroom, wash your hands before leaving the area to remove germs. Wash your hands before you handle food, eat or take out contact lenses. 2.Lower Health Care CostsSince it curbs the spread of disease, good hygiene results in lower health care costs. Brushing your teeth and keeping clean could eliminate unnecessary 3. Self-EsteemWhen you're clean, you'll feel much better about yourself than when you're dirty. People will react more positively to you, which will also help raise your self-esteem. 4. Nice SmileMost people want to keep their teeth and have attractive smiles. This requires frequent brushing and good dental habits. If you fail to brush your teeth, they are more likely to become discolored, get cavities and possibly fall out. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, regular brushing and flossing can significantly decrease the risk of gum disease, which can cause bad breath or even worsetooth loss. 5. Professional AcceptanceMost employers prefer employees who are clean and well-groomed. Good hygiene can make the difference in being hired and getting promotions. OverviewIf you have a personal hygiene problem, odor isn't the only issue. In fact, poor hygiene spreads illness, according to the Centers for Disease Control. It also affects interpersonal relationships, social interactions and job or school performance. Good hygiene, on the other hand, makes you come off as a capable person with self-worth and self-confidence. Good personal hygiene also helps you stay healthy, clean-looking and attractive. Causes of poor hygiene Poor hygiene deters people from getting to know you. If people find your body odor or unkempt, unclean appearance offensive, they're likely to pass judgments on your personality and your ability to care for yourself on a basic level. This can dissuade them forming friendships and meaningful bonds with you. People generally avoid smells and situations they find unpleasant. Maintaining good personal hygiene will benefit your social life in that it will remove this barrier to interaction and connection.
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