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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 by: Kevin Tierney It appears that the first discovery of hydrogen gas can be attributed to Swiss Alchemist Philippus Aureolus Paracelsus in 1520, around the 16th century. He first described a gaseous substance arising as iron was dissolved in sulfuric acid. History Hydrogen is renewable in the sense that the fossil fuels we use are hydrocarbon compounds. When we burn them, the hydrogen is liberated in the form of water vapors or hydrogen compounds. These vapors then mix with various gases in the atmosphere to form other compounds like nitric acid, etc. It then comes down with the rain and is deposited on the earth. It thus stays in the system only. Unlike fossil fuels, the hydrogen can be extracted whenever required (fossil fuels need millions of years to produce). Hence hydrogen is considered renewable. is renewable is produced from fossil fuels by steam reforming or partial oxidation of methane and coal gasification with only a small quantity by other routes such as biomass gasification or electrolysis of water. Fossil Fuel How is this energy extracted and made available for use Liquid hydrogen is used in cryogenics and in the study of superconductivity. Great quantities are used for the fixation of nitrogen from the air in the Haber ammonia process. Hydrogen is use in welding, for the hydrogenation of fats and oils, in methanol production, in hydrodealkylation, hydrocracking, and hydrodesulfurization. Other applications include producing rocket fuel, filling balloons, making fuel cells, producing hydrochloric acid, and reducing metallic ores. Deuterium is used as a moderator to slow down neutrons and as a tracer. Tritium is used in the production of the hydrogen (fusion) bomb. statistics Advantages Hydrogen is a great source of energy for a number of reasons, the biggest one being that it is so readily available. While it may take some work to access, there is no element in the universe as abundant as hydrogen. Its expensive and time-consuming to produce. That means until technology advances enough to simplify and ease the process; hydrogen energy will continue to be too expensive for most people. Disadvantages and Six Dimensions of Wellness
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