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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 it was all caused for a girl Trojan War DOG helen the most beautiful girl is all paris wanted Helen was the wife of Menelaus leader of troy And he made every other person that wanted her before he got her make a promise to help him if someone abducted her againsense paris was a prince of trojan which started a war well some of the suitors tried to lie their way out of warone said he was a she so he does something for the goddess of beauty he awards her with a golden apple. Aphrodite didn't care that Helen was married so paris abducted her The plan was to Finnish the warwith the trojanhorse. See the greeks made thetrojans believe theygave up by sending thereships away and giving them agiant wooden horse well war has lasted ten long years Odysseus comes backhe has a plan the only way the winds would start to blow is if agamermom sacrificed hisown daughter so he did was not even hard for him Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets The Trojan War war is about to happen justAgamemnom messed up and boosted about hunting well Artemise Did not like thatshe made the winds stop blowing the cause paris and helen how he got aphrodite Thats whats happening in this picture why the war MAINCHARACTERS IMAGE Clothes mistake scardy cats the sacrafice The plan well the horse had soldiers in itwhich let in moreso they could burn down the city kill the menand take the women Trojan horse
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