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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Star of David Who does it represent? The Star of David primarilyrepresents the religious bonds with the Jewish as a protection from evil spirits. (1) What is it? The Star of David is asymbol of a pentagon. ToDavid, it was the shape ofhis shield. (2) Where does it appear? The Star of David appears onsynagogues, Jewish tombstones, and on the flag of the State ofIsrael. (4) When did it originate? The Star of David dates back tothe 17th century. The symbol, however, dates back to 6000 B.C. (4) Why does it exist? The Star of David is meantto symbolize King David's shield.This shield acts as a protection ofevil spirits or bad doings. (5) How did it come? The Star of David was madeas it was the shape of KingDavid's shield. He was viewedas a protector. It also representsunity and hope, acting as a religious symbol. (6) Who did it effect? It effected primarily the Jewish. (7) How did it effect them? It gave the Jewish a form ofhope, though in tough times. (7) Why did it effect them? At that time, the Jewish had hardlyanything to hang on to. This helpedthem believe that there was hope. (3) What level of importance does this havein terms of the holocaust? This didn't effect the holocaust that muchas a whole, rather primarily the Jewish. This did, help them through the toughtimes that were present. (3) Why do we need to learn about this today? Though this was in the past, this stillhas an effect on the way people view theJewish and the German Nazi's. This can beinfluential to how we judge them, if we don'tknow all of the sides. How do I know that my sources are credible? - There were written to inform, not persuade. - .org websites, not used for commercial gain. - well organized with proper information.
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