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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Same 1. In the book and movie, Jonas had the same role ( job wise) at the ceremony of 12, because he was the Receiver of Memory in both. 2. Jonas and his family unit start to take care ofGabriel every night, that is in both movie and book.3. Jonas finds out how people are released, he watches his father release a baby in both (when you think about it, it's really sad). 1. In the book and movie, the father from Jonas unit,he didn't have that big of a role in both.2. In both, Jonas starting becoming more curios of what else is there and why these are the way they are.3. In both, the Giver had almost the same exact role in the book as in the movie, (which by the way, in my opinion, that is really difficult) he wanted Jonas to succeed as the Receiver of Memory. Plot Character Development 1. In the movie one major character difference was Jonas's moms role. In the book she didn't even really develop, but in themovie she became a bad guy in some ways. They made it seem like she was trying to stop Jonas which in turn made heran antagonist. 2. One other REALLY major character difference was the Chief Elder. She (kind of like Jonas's mom) becamea pretty big antagonist. She was always trying to stop The Giver,and Jonas from bringing back memories and in the endeven tried to have them "released".3. In the book Rosemary (The Givers daughter) wasn't even really mentioned except likeonce, but in the movie she was shown as a motivation for The Giver, and partly the reason he wanted to give the memories back. Character Development Plot 1. To me, the one major similarity in themes, is rules and order.2. One other major theme is, isolation, they were all isolated from the whole rest of the WORLD! 3. Another theme is, choices,the Giver had to make importantchoices in both movie and book,same as Jonas, he could havebeen released when he was takingGabriel and leaving. Themes Citations A big plot change from the movie to the book was the love story between Jonas and Fiona. In the book Jonas started to have feelings for Fiona but after a while thought nothing about it, in the movie it became a lot more though. After a while he started to have real feelings for her and she did too.Another plot change was when Jonas was chased by motorcycles when running away. In the book he got away and nobody noticed until he was gone. In the movie he was chased by futuristic looking motorcycles and drove off a cliff. Probably the last plot change I noticed was when Jonas was running away and they sent Asher to go find him. In thebook he was chased by planes but nobody found him. In the movie Asher found him and decided to let him go. By: Christian Moore & Hunter Haynes Theme In the book from the beginning you can see a friendship theme building, but in the movie there isn't much friendship. In the book you see Asher, Fiona, and Jonas as friends but in the movie that theme is covered up by something else... love. Loveis one thing you see all throughout the movie that isn't really in the book at all.
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