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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 % of Population Impacted in America Hunger in America vs. Hunger in Ethiopia Cause of Hunger in America Cause of Hunger in Ethiopia Effects of Hunger in Ethiopia % of Population Impacted in Ethiopia Effects of Hunger in America 1. Ethiopia lose around 16.5 percent of its GDP each year to the long-term effects of child Malnutrition. ("UN") 1. Suffered a severe drought2. Dry land led to systemic destruction of the prairie grasses3. Overgrazing also destroyed large areas of grassland ("Dust") 1. Many became homeless because they lost their homes.2. The dust bowl was created by a drought by over plowing of the soil3. If someone was employed it is likely that they are living in Hoverville. ("The Human") 1. Government destroyed crops and bombed market places in rebel-held territorys2. Have no reliable source of food3. Drought triggers famine when farmers cannot successfully grow crops ("Centanni") 1. Kids had to go to the emergency feeding tent because they was starving to death2. Most days kids walked to school barefooted3. Kids couldn't go to school because they was sick with Malaria ("Thurow") 1. Feed the future has helped 35,000 maize farmers increase yields by 50% ("U.S") 1. The stock market crach on October 27, 1929. ("The Great Depression") Definition of Chronic Hunger and its effects Government Aid in Ethiopia Government Aid in America Definition- A potentially deadly conditionEffects-1. High infant mortality rates2. Vulnerability to common illnesses3. Increased risk of Infection4. Acute vulnerability in times of piaster5. Impediments to development6. Impediment to Economic growth ("World") 1.Many rich people flet no impact at all and were oblivious to the suffering of others. ("Great") Solutions for ending World-Wide Hunger 1. Freedom from Hunger's credit with education programs2. Transfering the microfinance program technology. ("World")
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