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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ethopia Effect 2: Women had to workoutside their home to makeends meet ("The Great"). USA Effect 1: If they could not eat,they were more likely to get sick ("The Human"). Effect 3: Breadlines and Hoovervillesstarted opening ("The Great Depression") Cause 2: Dry land farming destroyed grass ("Dust"). Cause 3: Overgrazing destroyed large areas of grass land ("Dust"). % of Population impacted: Unemployment Rate was 25%("The Great"). Cause 1: The government destroyed crops and marketplaces, cutting off food supply(Centanni) Cause 2: 90% of Ethopia's population is farmersand their crops failed (Centanni). Chronic Hunger: a potentially deadly condition ("World"). Cause 1: The Great Plains suffered a drought between 1930 and 1940 ("Dust"). Cause 3: Drought made crop failure of 1983-1985 worse. (Centanni). Effect 1: Suboptimal brain development is the effect of malnutrition, which can be decreased physical and mental capabilities (Thurow). Effect 2: 9 million children less than 5 years old will die from hunger ("World"). Effect 3: Cost country billions of dollars every year in lost worker productivity ("UN"). % of population impacted: 67% suffer from stunting ("UN"). Government Aid: FDR created the New Deal ("The Great Depression"). Government Aid: Feed the future helpedfarmers increase yields by 50% ("US"). Effects of Chronic Hunger:1- High Infant Mortality 2-Vulnerability3- Increased Risk of Infection 4-Acute Vulnerability to Development5- Impediments to Economic Growth 6- Impediments to Development Solution: Freedom from Hunger's Credit with Education Program transferred the microfinance program technology ("World").
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