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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] Hung Shing Temple, Ap Lei Chau Hung Shing Temple in Ap Lei Chau is one of the thirteen existinggraded historic temples built for the worship of Hung Shing, a populardeity for the protection of fishermen and marine traders. Hung ShingTemple has been the main temple in Ap Lei Chau since its establishment in1773. Introduction Intangible Cultural Heritage Hung Shing Fesitival, 13th day of the second lunar month Performance of lion & dragon dancesTraditional Chaozhou MusicCantonese Opera Tangible Material Culture There are two timber poles painted with dragon pattern in front ofthe temple. Locals call them as dragon poles and believe they were erected forfung shui reasons, hoping that the dragons can protect the area againstthe ferocious spirits from the tiger land Hung Shing Temple is a Qing-style two-hall-three-bay building. The front eaves of the entrance hall is supported by granite columns and lintels decorated with fine rock and timber carvings. Altars are placed at the end hall, with the main one for Hung Shing in the middle, Shiwan figurines and a pair of ceramic figurines for the God of the Sun and Goddess of the Moon are placed on the ridges of the entrance hall. Why preserve ? It is also one of very few traditional temples withexquisite craftsmanship that still keeps its original fung shui setting. Thefung shui timber poles at its forecourt are also rare in Hong Kong.Local residents association organises traditional ritual activities for celebrating Hung Shing Festival and other traditional festivals every year. The temple becomes a landmark of Ap Lei Chau depicting the historical development.Apart from Hung Shing Temple, there are two other Grade 3 Chinese templesdedicated to sea goddesses. So together with these 2 famous historical temples, efforts should be needed to preserve these old temples so as to promote heritage and cultural tourism in Ap Lei Chau. How to preserve ? The Hong Kong Tourism Board can helps to promote Hung Shing Fesitival.Let public learn more about Hung Shing FestivalRepair works should be carried out regularlyBut those original structures and decorative features of the temple should be remained
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