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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Food/Drink in Rome The Romans Diet Breakfast:Poor-They would have bread, maybe some cheese or olivesthey would also dip their bread into wine to soften it, bread wasvery common in the poor part of Rome, sometimes the rich give some of their bread to the poor romans to stop them to become rebellious. Even if the poor romans are late for work they would usually go to the bread store to buy bread.Rich-They would have a lot more food for breakfast than the poor, they would get different types of fish, meat, freshfruit and vegetables to go with their bread. At that time rome didn't know about sugar to they would just use honey to maketheir food sweeter, as you can see there is a lot of difference between what the poor eat and what the rich eat there is moreflavorful foods for the rich and more varieties and the poor don't have many flavors in their food and it isn't as grand asthe rich.Lunch: (ientaculumn)Poor- They wouldn't have much they would of corse have breadsome vegetables, porridge and some cheese and that would beall they had for lunch. Rich- They would eat a wide range of bread, salad, olives, fruit,nuts and cold meat or fish that were left over from the other night.The rich also have something called a siesta, even children in richfamilies celebrated this, it is when in the middle of school or work everyone would go back to their house and have lunch and justrelax and sleep and talk to family/friends, during this the streetsof rome would be deserted. This would last for around two hours then everyone would just go back to work or school or whateverthey did before the siesta. DinnerPoor-They would mostly have porridge made of vegetables, but ifthey could not afford it then they would have fish, bread, olives, wineand in very special occasions some meat. If you were really poor thenyou would just eat what you have weather it is bread olives anything.Rich-For the rich this meal was the most important they would have like a feast for dinner, they would have a lot of different exotic foods.Like roast peacock, ostriches and many other types of meats. They also liked sea food like sea urchins and raw oysters. For desert they would have fruit, dates and nuts. They like apples a lot so they eat it a lot when it is apple season. They really like to have seasoning they would have honey, vinegar etc. These meals last for 2 or more hours. How has the romans influenced our food today? Romans have a big influence in our food today because when they wouldInvade different countries around europe and germany where they introduced some of the food that they ate which made some of those countries cuisine's. In Germany the romans introduced wine to them and now there are a lot of places in Germany where they make wine, they also introduced vegetables in britain like garlic, onions, shallots, leeks, cabbages,peas, celery, turnips, radishes, asparagus. The romans also helped with new farming practices and crops. The romans introduced breeds of farm animals as food. They also introduces fruits like apples, grapes, mulberries and cherries. They also introduced new species to britain including the brown hare and pheasants. Why is food so important in rome? In rome food was important because if you had more food, ormore exotic and richer foods you would be looked at as rich and wealthy and looked up too, but if you didn't have many food or just plain boring foods you would be looked at as poor, and not wealthy. Extra Facts -Romans don't eat sitting on chairs they lie on couches.-Romans really like flavor in their food and they would usually have fish sauce which can also be called liquaman.-Rich people in rome would most likely have white bread instead of another type of bread.-In Rome there was no such thing as being full, that would be rude so if they were full then they will tickle a feather down their throat to vomit the food out to continue eating.-The rich romans would have a lot of dinner parties but sometimes they were split into lady and men parties.-The rich romans slaves would cut the food for the romans before they eat the food.-It is rude to eat with cutlery.-The only time romans would use cutlery is when they have soup.
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