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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Appears washedout and drained.Portrays the coldlook of the movie gives a hint of the movie's theme. The father and sonhold hands despite the apocalypse. This shows a father can be protective. Looks afraid. The father looks moreanxious and determined lookingwhereas the child looksafraid and lost. ANCIENT ROME BALL GAMES FIELD HOCKEY TRIGON Trigon was a ball gameplayed by the poor ancient Romans people. The name derives from Greek, " three-cornered, triangular", and it may have been a romanized version of a Greek game. It was a type of juggling game, probably involved three players standing in a triangle (hence the name) and passing a hard ball back and forth, catching with the right and throwing with the left hand. Besides the three players, called trigonali, there were also assistants called pilecripi, who kept score and retrieved runaway balls Field hockey was played by the Egyptians since 2500BC. The ancient Greeks adopted Field hockey from the Egyptians. The marble relief below comes from Athens and shows Greek athletes playing field hockey. It is likely that this game is still played today in much the same as its original form.This relief is from the National Museum in Athens. ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ Intro: Sports in Rome was really important. Poor people played sports because they were board. So they came out with different types of ball games to Entertain them selfs, people now still play trigon as hand ball and field hokey as ice hockey and more. Mostly people play sports and ball games, because they want to stay fit and be healthy
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