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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Humanities Current Event By: Alissa Oste 'Germany struggles to adapt to immigration.' -Everyone is moving to Germany- They are being welcomed greatly, at least by the government, because Germany has a significant skills gap, and a very low birth rate. Dr Ingrid Tucci says: " Immigrants are on average younger and the German population is on average older, so immigrants are welcome." -Willkommen- Some immigrants get special deals like free or cheap German language classes or integration and citizenship lessons. Many people are moving or fleeing to Germany. Germany in now the world's second most popular destination, after the USA, for immigrants. They are lured there by Germany's stronger economy and jobs market. -Helmut Kohl- When he was leader Germany was not a country of immigration regardless of the many thousands of Turkish workers who had been recruited to help with the reconstruction after world war 2. Private Papers reveal that Kohl wanted to halve the number of Turks living in Germany. He said that they did not integrate well. Now, today, they are all in the community. In Berlin, in the district of Neukoln,there are hundreds of businesses run by their children and grandchildren. One restaurant is owned by Hassen, who came to Germany with his parents when he was 13, but he worries about immigration today. He says: There are a lot of beggars. They have no money bus ask for food. I give them kebabs and pizzas but my heart breaks. I cant give food to everyone. More than 7.6 million immigrants are living in Germany.Its the highest rate since records began in 1967.
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