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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Roman Foods Food invented by Rome The Role It Played In Rome Relatable To Life Today Food from the Roman times are quite similar until this day! You can say that wewere inspired by them, here are the types of foods that are still quite popular, but just a little bit developed. Also, here is a fun fact! The Romans ate 3 times a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Exactly like what us humans do. So it seems as if we were reallyinspired by them. Drinks:Wine (With spices and hone [sometimes]), milk water (Rarely drinked, because it was very dirty)Foods: Wheat Pancakes, bread, fruits and Nuts (Only for the rich), meats, salad or Caesar Salad, boiled eggs, cheese, dates & honey. Food in Rome played a very important role, food there was a delicacyand it wouldn't matter on how much money you would have in that timeit was how much food there was on the table. If you held a huge feast! Itshows that your rich-and if not, well you were considered poor. Also, the Romans really seemed to like adding unique flavours into a lot of blandfoods, example-porridge & bread! Porridge, is quite bland in flavour butthe Romans took it into a different route and added things such as herbs,fresh cheese, fruits and nuts, etc. And lastly, bread they added herbs to their bread which gives it a very perfume-y like flavour. As you can seeRoman took food very seriously and everything was a about flavour and loads of foods. - Like us humans today, we eat 3 times a day.They would eat breakfast,: (ientaculum) lunch,: (prandium) and dinner! (cena)- One of their exotic dishes include roasted flamingo- The rich people would have their food cooked by their slaves- If they were full, they would tickle a feather down their throat which leads to vomiting and after that, they'd continueeating- Whenever they'd eat they would dip their bread into wine, and along with some olives, grapes and goat cheese- Meats eaten: wild boar, beef, sausages, pork, lamb, duck, goose, chickens, small birds e.g. pigeons, fish and shellfish- They ate ostriches (whole)- Wine was never drunken straight, it was watered down Facts: - Garum was a popular fish sauce in Rome, it was a condiment made from rotten fish, which was nearlyseasoned in every Roman dish. - Wine was very common in Rome, they said it complimented the dishes that they were eating, andat that time it was made out of vinegar and squashed grapes. - Caesar Salad was made for the one and only Julius Caesar, this Salad was made especially for him and got named after he passed away. - Roasted dormice & roasted flamingo was one of the exotic dishes in Rome,and they were cooked/roasted on an old fashioned meat rotisserie "Romans never get full!" double click to change this title text! Caesar Salad, especially made for Julius Caesar Garum, rotten fish saucecondiment
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