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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Renaissance World Viewsvs Western World Views Cabri Art Sit Amet Technology Religion SocialMobility Before, in the Renaissance, art was only related to religionsuch as Heaven, Mary, Joseph, etc. There was also a limitedamount of different mediasto draw and paint with. Now a days, you have the freedom to draw whatever you would like. Science A lot of theories have changed since the renaissance, suchas the theory of how every-thing revolved around the and Earth and that the Earth is Flat. Galilao then found outthat everything revolves aroundthe Sun and that the Earth isn't flat. Education During the Renaissance, only priestwere taught and had a decent education. During the renaissance, you were alsotaught in a church instead of schoolsIn modern times, its strongly encouraged that everyone gets a good education and that you are taught in an actual school. Technology has changed drastically from the renaissance to modern times. For example, people during the renaissance didn't have phones, computers, TV's, etc. Now we have everything and we have prettymuch have the science and knowledgeto build or create whatever we would like. In the renaissance, there was more of ahierarchy, meaning that there was differentsocial classes during the renaissance. So ifyou were born as a stinky smelly surf, thenyou would be a stinky smelly surf for the restof your life. Now, you could be born to afamily with little income, but work hard, savemoney and then get a good job or dowhatever you would like to do. People who lived in the renaissance wereextremely religious. You were looked down upon if you weren't Christian, Catholic, Protestant, etc. Now you have the freedom to believe in whatever you would like or you could be atheists but you could also be judgedon what you believe depending on where youlive.
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